Hirschmann/PAT/WIKA – DS350 iFLEX5 Graphic Horizontal Console


Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

Hirschmann Part # 050-350-061-376

(Grove Part # 9333107504)

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The DS350 iFLEX 5 console has been designed to provide the crane operator with the essential information required in order to operate the machine within its design parameters.

Using different sensing devices, the LMI monitors various crane functions and provides the operator with a continuous reading of the crane’s capacity. The readings continuously change as the crane moves through the motions needed to make the lift.

The LMI provides the operator with information regarding the length and angle of the boom, working radius, rated load, as well as the total calculated weight being lifted by the crane.

If the user approaches non-permitted conditions, the LMI will warn the operator by sounding an audible alarm, lighting a warning light and locking out those functions that may aggravate the crane’s condition.

The interactive user guidance considerably simplifies the input of operating modes as well as the setting of geometry limit values.


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