Angle Sensors


gSENS WGX inclination sensors can be used for all kinds of angle and position measurements on mobile machines.

    • Absolute encoder
    • Measuring via MEMS

WIKA HIRSCHMANN # 064-143-060-004 Replaces PAT / Hirschmann / WIKA # 064-103-060-002) Manitowoc # 9333101454 WG143/4 Angle Sensor (w/mtg. for LWG208/12/13/49/52)

gSENS WGC 0901/1401 Angle Sensor WIKA HIRSCHMANN # 064-090-061-401 Manitowoc # 9-333-103303 gSENS WGCAngle Sensor

  • Angle range: -180° to +180°

GS550 console

The GS550 Display/Receiver provides a wireless solution to improve the safety and efficiency of mobile crane operations. The GS550 Display offers a fully flexibl