210 System for Telescopic Cranes and Aerial Platforms
210 System for Telescopic Cranes

SIGALARM is a solid state electronic monitoring system used for detecting the electrostatic field of any AC power line. It provides both audible and visual warning signals to alert the operator and ground personnel when the boom comes within proximity of an energized high-voltage power line.

• The system can be activated automatically at engine start-up, or by use of the power switch on the control panel.
• With the fixed antenna the entire boom and attachment --- from tip to base --- is protected . Any part of the boom that enters the warning zone will set off the alarm.
• For the Wireless System, each wireless sensor provides a three dimensional point measurement of the electric field. Multiple wireless sensors are used to provide overall coverage of critical boom sections.
• Complete system test function tests and confirms the alarm sensing circuitry, antenna, alarm horn, and alarm light. The operator can test the entire system anytime he desires.
• Simple adjustment of warning zone. The operator doesn't need to know voltage in the power line. The system can be used to confirm power line shut off.
• The system provides an audible alarm through the console and also with an externally mounted horn. The horn initially sounds when you approach the warning zone with the alarm frequency increasing as the field strength increases.
• The Sigalarm System activates an external relay which can be used for a function lock-out to prevent motion in the direction of the hazard.
• Pre-wired cable assemblies with documentation provides for a fast and simple installation.

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