HoistCam HC140
Hoistcam HC140 Camera

HoistCam™ is a rapidly deployable wireless camera system that provides an operator with a direct video feed from anywhere on a job site. HoistCam is a rugged camera system that can be installed in seconds on the hook block of a crane to the boom tip or, at the location of the blind lift. Attached to any surface with magnets and safety lanyard, HoistCam improves the situational awareness of an operator by increasing safety and productivity during blind and distant operations. The HC140 is an alternative to the HC180.

The low profile HoistCamTM platform comes with day-and-night monitor, one wireless 700TVL camera, safety lanyard, and mounting magnet. The HC140 also includes an internal 10Ah battery pack with optional external battery packs (HC143) for continual operation. All of this comes in a handy transport case.

Blind lifts for tower cranes, telescopic boom cranes and overhead cranes, where line-of-sight is impossible for the operator, are now a thing of the past thanks to the HC140. The wireless HoistCam cameras are more flexible than the standard cameras.

The low profile HC140 series HoistCam are able to be used on various types of cranes and equipment.

HoistCam HC140 is an alternative to the HC180 for placing the eyes of the operator around the load. The HC140 efficiently improves safety by making instant visual information available anywhere.

HC140 Features:

  • IP67 rated weatherproof camera
  • Wide angle fixed lens camera
  • Magnetic mount (no drilling) and safety lanyard
  • Integrated wireless transmitter
  • Powered from trolley or external battery pack
  • 2.4Ghz omni-directional wireless antenna and receiver<l/i>
  • Base magnets to mount to any magnetic surface
  • 9 inch display with suction cup, u-bolt or permanent mount
  • Infrared illuminators for night time viewing

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