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u9, 3, t, 56t, 4n3, i, m, jvr, mm, uj, Hoistcam Director Remote Enterprise Software | SkyAzul

Hoistcam Director Remote Enterprise Software

hoistcam director example

Monitor your fleet of construction, industrial, or marine equipment from a single location. The HoistCam Enterprise Director Client software is designed to run virtually on any PC or mobile operating system. With the HoistCam Director Client, you can view your entire fleet of equipment within a particular region or across the world all with a single centralized login.

  • Real-time video from anywhere in the world can be accessed instantly
  • Thousands of job sites or equipment operations can be remotely viewed as well as managed by the team
  • Access to GPS recording, geofencing, and playback with map overlay
  • Recordings can be easily searched by specific date, time or alarm condition
  • Record, save, and archive video feeds to hard drive, memory card, or centralized server
HoistCam Director Remote Enterprise Software lets you monitor any type of HoistCam equipment/ crane/ platform from anywhere in the world, whether it be in construction, industrial, or marine sectors, through 3G, 4G, or Wireless Access Point connectivity. Single, centralized monitoring enables enhanced productivity, better allocation of time/ travel resources, and quick solutions of any confusion/ problems. HoistCam also offers full service video analysis including complete job site analysis from logistics tracking to safety and operational support. Hoist Cam Armored Dome mounted on the crane block
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