Hirschmann-Belden qSCALE I2
Hirschmann-Belden qscale i2

Hirschmann qSCALE I2:

The Hirschmann-Belden qSCALE I2 is an effective management solution for load moment devices that also meets the current and future application needs of mobile cranes. The device combines visualization as well as load moment indication in one device. The time required for calibration is greatly reduced and maintenance costs and repairs are minimized due to the high quality and reliability of the system.

qSCALE I2 Features:

  • Indirect measurement using one or two pressure sensors (piston side / rod and piston side pressure) as well as angle sensor
  • Telescoping synchronously or asynchronously (one length measurement only)
  • Support for optional jibs or inserts
  • Outrigger monitoring
  • Rigging state selection based on external signals
  • Rigging / transport modes
  • Multiple pick points (not at the same time)
  • Multiple winches
  • Working range alarms
  • Configurable cut-off e.g. - overload cut-off - single movement - wind speed or high voltage detection cut-off

qscale I2 application layout

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