Hoistcam Wireless Camera Systems For Tower Cranes And Mobile Cranes

Netarus, LLC manufactures and sells industrial-grade video monitoring solutions – HoistCam™ in particular – which improves employee productivity and workplace safety in the construction, industrial, marine and transportation industries. HoistCam, a rapidly deployable wireless camera system, places the eyes of the crane operator anywhere on the job. The HoistCam platform suite provides optional remote monitoring, recording and management analytics reporting to operators and site supervisors. Netarus’ HoistCam Director enables centralized monitoring for the job site via HoistCam, other cameras and even drones. Netarus’ HoistCam SiteTrax.io provides customized and automated reporting capabilities including video records, safety analysis and 3D models.

HoistCam Director Remote Enterprise Software lets you monitor any type of HoistCam equipment/ crane/ platform from anywhere in the world, whether it be in construction, industrial, or marine sectors, through 3G, 4G, or Wireless Access Point connectivity. Single, centralized monitoring enables enhanced productivity, better allocation of time/ travel resources, and quick solutions of any confusion/ problems. HoistCam also offers full service video analysis including complete job site analysis from logistics tracking to safety and operational support.



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HoistCam HC180 / HC183 is a rugged wireless camera system designed for environments where durability and reliability is required. The armored dome HoistCam is perfect for construction, industrial, and offshore applications where line-of-sight for the operator is needs in some of the most remote location.

HC180 – Armored dome camera with internal 10Ah battery, charger, 9in monitor, video receiver box (VRB) and transport case.
HC183 – Armored dome camera with two external 10Ah battery packs (upgrade to 20Ah available), charger, 9in monitor, video receiver box (VRB) and transport case.

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five year warranty

• Easy to install and remove
• Compact and portable
• Easily expandable
• Removes blind lifts

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