Hirschmann Maestro – Load Moment Indicator
Hirschmann Maestro

The Hirschmann Maestro is an economical upgrade solution for many of the existing PAT Krueger load moment indicators that are currently in the field and in need of parts or repair. The Hirschmann Maestro provides crane owners with a combination of the latest technology while incorporating many of the existing proven sensors and components. All setup is done through the user-friendly operator’s console, thus there is no costly and time consuming re-calibration.

Hirschmann Maestro Features:

  • No re-calibration.
  • Displays actual and allowable load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius.
  • Upgrades most DS 350 as well as DS 150 systems.
  • User-friendly console and setup.
  • Integrated bar graph provides a quick reference of the crane’s utilization.
  • Meets SAE as well as ANSI B-30.5 standards.

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