HoistCam HC180 Armored Dome
Hoistcam HC180 Armored Dome

The HoistCam™ HC180 from Netarus is a rapidly deployable wireless night/day camera platform with an armored dome. HoistCam is able to place the eyes of the crane operator anywhere on the job site. Safety is increased, and efficiency improved by making instant visual information available to those who need it.

HC180 Features:

  • Weatherproof camera with magnetic mount, built-in battery, wireless transmitter and camera
  • 9” color display in operator's cab
  • Multiple camera option with split screen
  • Optional Integration with smart phone or tablet
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate armored dome
  • Dimensions: 9" x 8" x 7" (with camera)

Optional Features:

  • Battery pack for camera
  • Remote monitoring and recording with HoistCam Director with Windows, Android or iOS devices
  • U-bolt or permanent display mount
  • Remote power key FOB for battery management
  • Custom integration also available

Hoist Cam Armored Dome mounted on the crane block

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