Greer Systems Products for Mobile Cranes

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Skyazul offers the complete line of Greer products and spare parts along with comprehensive product support.

Only MicroGuard® Rated Capacity Indicators by Greer Company deliver the industry’s most reliable electronic monitoring technology to help crane operators avoid overloading events and unseen obstacles that can bring your operation to a grinding halt. MicroGuard RCIs continuously monitor crane operation and provide the vital data operators need to maximize crane work capacity while alerting them to potential overloading conditions. MicroGuard’s systems are calibrated to your crane’s load chart using FastCal™—Greer’s proprietary technology that ensures lightning-fast installation and calibration time that’s measured in hours, not days. What’s more, MicroGuard is engineered for predictable performance, no matter what the weather. Reliable technology. Fast calibration. Easy operation. It’s no wonder U.S. crane manufacturers put their trust in MicroGuard Rated Capacity Indicators.


This strategic acquisition broadened the product offerings of TWG and brought electronic expertise to the group. It also set the stage for TWG to integrate electronic sensing technology with its gearing products that lift, pull and rotate. Greer was formerly owned by Morgan Crucible Company plc of England. Through Dover, TWG offered Morgan Crucible the opportunity to divest a division that no longer fit their core competency to a corporate entity with the financial stability to properly grow the business. The synergy between TWG and Greer would facilitate the growth of both companies.

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