Greer – RCI 510 On Dash Console


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 in

Greer Part # A450251



The Microguard® RCI 510 System continuously displays:

  •  Rated Load
  •  Actual Load
  •  Bar Graph showing Percentage of Rated Load
  •  Radius of the Load
  •  Boom Angle
  •  Main Boom Length
  •  Working Area
  •  Crane Configuration

On-screen messages provide visual warnings of conditions that occur during operation of the system.


Operator Settable Alarms provide work area protection zones, warnings for various job site conditions, and alarms for overhead obstructions.

These alarms include:

Max and Min. Boom Angle

Max and Min. Boom Extension and Boom Tip Height

Work Area and Exclusion Zone Alarms

Note: Operator Alarms do not cause function lock out to occur.


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