Hirschmann/PAT/WIKA – Maestro System Console


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

Hirschmann Part # 050-160-060-008

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The PAT Maestro consists of a central microprocessor unit, operating console, length/angle sensor, pressure transducers, and anti-two block switches.

System features:
  • Existing information and tested functions are simply taken over into the new system and standards applying at the time are simply retained
  • There is no loss of data and no need for time-consuming and expensive reprogramming and readjustment of the crane
  • The sensors can be re-set directly through the console, dispensing with the need to use any special equipment
  • You can reuse the wiring, length/angle sensor, as well as the A2B switching from the old equipment
Maestro Installation:

Install the Maestro console with proper positioning within the field of vision and operating area of the crane operator.

We also supply a standard length of cable (with multi-pin connector) with the Maestro console.

Firstly, ensure there is an adequate length of cable between the console and the central unit.  The console has a mount that allows the console to be swiveled in any direction and to be mounted in a variety of locations and on nearly any surface. Choose a location that is in line of site of the sensor and within reach of the operator. Securely attach the two RAM mount bases onto a solid surface for the left and right side operation. The console cable may not fit through goose neck/conduit as existing wiring; therefore, run the console cable to the outside of the conduit and insure there no interference.


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