Hirschmann/PAT/WIKA – Mark4E2


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

Hirschmann Part # 050-540-060-001

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Mark4E2 Console:

The Hirschmann iVISOR MK4E2 Load Moment Indicator (LMI) displays all geometrical information such as length and angle of main boom and working radius. It also displays the actual load and the maximum load permitted by load chart. Furthermore, it has an alarm horn and a warning light for overload, and a pre-warning light. The LED’s instrument shows a percentage of the total permissible moment. The console also has pushbuttons to switch the operating modes (for selection of crane configurations and reeving of the block). It also has a warning light for overload, anti-two-block conditions and an override push-button for anti-two-block condition.

Designed for use on mobile cranes, the Hirschmann iVISOR MK4E/2 LMI is installed and calibrated to the load chart of each crane. This includes specific load and as well as geometric limits on boom length, angle, and operating radius. The iVISOR MK4E/2 LMI gives the operator the information necessary to fully utilize the crane’s capacity while keeping within the working limits of the crane.

Measures True Load Moment – By measuring true load moment, the Hirschmann iVISOR MK4E-2 LMI senses boom dynamics, load swing out, wind loading, shock load, and effects of boom deflection.

Self-Diagnostics – The Mark4E2 continuously monitors system and sensors. The console displays error codes to help identify problems and minimize downtime.

Control Lever Lockout – When the LMI system senses an overload or an impending two-block condition, the Hirschmann iVISOR MK4E-2 LMI provides a relay output which can be used to engage an optional lever lockout.

The Mark4E2 console displays the following information:
  • program number
  • selected parts of line (main/aux)
  • boom radius
  • boom angle/boom length (temporary)
  • load on the hook (actual load)
  • load moment (permitted load)
  • central unit (microprocessor and input/output electronics)
  • angle sensor
  • length sensor
  • pressure sensors
  • Anti-Two-Block switch
  • (Other combinations are possible depending on demand)


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