Greer Element Console


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

Greer Part # A450780 (Terex # T122027)

Greer Part # A450352 (Terex # T116268)

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Greer Element Console:

The Greer Element ™ is the industry’s only crane monitoring display that offers feature-rich capabilities, multiple screens and language conversions to help operators work safer and smarter. Unlike other monitoring displays, the Element offers true VGA graphics to view real-time information sharper and easier. Dynamic screens give operators the ability to switch between multiple windows and offers fingertip access to work area definition (WAD), crane configuration, diagnostics, gauge readings, as well as other critical data from crane sensors. But perhaps the most impressive capabilities are the Element’s language and units of measure. Now, operators can choose from a multiple language menu, and even choose between Imperial or Metric units. The Greer Element is customer-engineered to provide intuitive functionality and expandable capability as more sensors are added.

The Element is just one value-added component in the Greer family of rated-capacity indicator systems. Greer’s rated-capacity indicator systems feature our exclusive FastCal technology that is able to deliver the fastest calibration time in the industry. Now, Greer RCIs automatically transmit rated capacity, actual load, percent of rated capacity, load radius, boom angle, boom length and crane configuration data to our new Element crane monitoring display.

Greer Element Advanced Features and Superior Benefits:
  •  The VGA graphics display system allow for sharper, clearer images
  •  Attractive 7” screen
  •  Expanded capabilities with same ease of use
  •  Multiple screens to view WAD, crane configuration, diagnostics, gauge readings and other sensor data
  •  Customizable configuration
  •  Multiple language menu
  •  Imperial and Metric units
  •  CANJ1939 and CAN Open enabled
  •  Entire display is IP67 waterproof
  •  Visual and audible alarms
  •  Lighted-path graphics
  •  Sun visor for easier viewing in bright light, optional
  •  Dash-mountable



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