lwg154 cable reel

WIKA HIRSCHMANN # 068-154-060-029
National# xxxxxx

LWG154 Cable Reel:

The cable reel houses the length-angle transducer, slip ring disc and slip ring pick up (to feed and return A-2-B signal). The cable goes through the drum and out to the tip where it is wired to the Anti-Two-Block switch. The reel is driven by a tensioned spring and should be handled with caution.

The Length-Angle Transducer:

The length-angle sensor (LWG) is a combination of two transducers in cable reel, fitted at the base section of the boom. It measures the length and the angle of the boom. A reeling drum drives a potentiometer, which is the length transducer. Part of the length transducer is the length cable on the drum, which is a two-conductor cable (shield and core). It is connected to the anti-two-block switch at the boom head and to a slip ring body in the LWG. The angle transducer is fitted in the cable reel.

Additional Information:

  • Telescopic boom lengths up to 105 feet
  • Sensor Output signals via CAN BUS
  • The power supply voltage is +12/24 vdc
  • Exact measurement of boom length

Typically used with the Altec cScale LMI systems, this cable reel assembly includes CAN BUS boom angle and length sensors. The extension cable is the standard length of 139’