Trimble LSI GS075-B Wireless A2B Switch


Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in

The LSI GS075-B Anti Two Block Switch gives the operator peace of mind by sending an immediate alarm if the hook block comes too close to the boom tip preventing costly and potentially dangerous boom tip or hook block damage. Because it is wireless the installation is extremely simple and can generally be completed in one hour.

  • Transmission Range: 4,000 feet
  • Failsafe Design: The A2B Switch sends an immediate alarm if the battery is removed or if radio communication is lost.
  • Rugged & Waterproofed: Potted electronics and boot sealed piston assembly for increased water proof protection
  • Battery Life: A2B Switch will go to sleep 5 minutes after the display is turned off, thus dramatically increasing battery life for years of hassle free operation.
  • A2B Switch bracket design allows for easy addition and removal of A2B Switch from boom tip
  • Optional CSA Class 1, Div 1 version available
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Wireless All-in-One A2B Switch:

The GS075-B Wireless A2B Switch offers users a fail- safe design that provides unparalleled protection against two-blocking. Designed to be used as a stand alone anti two block system with the the GS375 Display, or as part of a complete RCI system with the GS550 Console. The weight and chain kit also includes mounting hardware, weight, and chain.

The GS075-B Wireless A2B Switch features a million-life internal-mechanic switch mechanism. It can withstand the abuse that a two-block switch will see in its daily life cycle. With the increased emphasis on safety throughout the crane & lifting industry, you can confidently rely on the GS075-B’s fail-safe design. An audible/ visual alarm will immediately sound to warn the operator if communication between the switch and the display is lost for any reason.
In addition, the weight assembly incorporates the radio and switch mechanism, which allows for unlimited chain length. You do not require a  locking clip for over- the-road travel, this is because the A2B Switch goes to sleep 5 minutes after you turn off the display. This conserves battery life.

The GS075-B A2B Switch utilizes a Direct Sequence-Spread Spectrum radio chip. A key feature of this technology is the two-way communication. DSSS allows the display to control radio power, range, and battery life. It also provides an unparalleled diagnostics capability, if required. The GS075-B has a transmission range of 4,000 feet/1,300 meters. Most crane booms will never see the need for this range, but with outside interferences in the atmosphere this range will ensure effective communication.

The GS075-B ships standard with “D” Cell lithium battery and an average 4 years of battery life. Users can also utilize a “D” cell alkaline battery if a lithium battery is not available. A separate O- ring sealed battery compartment with captive screws allows for easy battery changes.

Each GS075-B features potted electronics and a boot sealed piston assembly for increased waterproof protection.
The GS075-B A2B Switch bracket design allows for easy addition and removal from the boom tip. This system can also utilize the older Trimble system switch mounting brackets.
GS075-B A2B Switches will communicate with all of the following Trimble displays: GS375, GS550, GS553 Battery Powered Display, Gateway Router and GS820. Trimble offers an optional CSA Class


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