Hirschmann A2B Switch w/o Crimp, 32’ cable length


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in

WIKA/Hirschmann/PAT # 031-002-060-014    

Grove/Manitowoc # 9333102238

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The iSENS HES anti-two block switch by Hirschmann is the most common A2B switch used by the leading Crane and Equipment manufacturers worldwide.  The A2B switch assists in preventing equipment damage due to the hook block contacting the boom tip on cranes and other lifting equipment. The electrical switch element is completely sealed in the housing. The housing is made of a corrosion-proof, light metal alloy and is treated and coated making it resistant to the damaging effects of the environment.

  • Anti-two block switch for winches, lifting devices, and cranes
  • Fully sealed electrical unit
  • Stainless steel traction rope with a tensile strength of ≥5kN
  • Funnel-shaped introduction of the actuating rope with low friction surface for safe rope guidance


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