Hirschmann/PAT/WIKA – DS160 System Console


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 in

Hirschmann Part # 050-160-060-005 (National Part # 14711)

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The PAT Load Moment Indicator DS 160 consists of a central microprocessor unit, operating console, length/angle sensor, pressure transducers, and anti-two block switches.

The LC display (LCD) used in the PAT DS 160 operator’s console is a wide temperature-range alphanumeric display with transflective characteristics that give it a high visibility in sunlight and during backlit night operation. Due to the nature of any LCD, it works on the principle of polarization of light. It should be noted that dual polarizations that are at a certain angle to each other can reduce the amount of light up to completely eliminating it if that angle becomes perpendicular. This can have significance if the operator is wearing polarized sunglasses that happen to be perpendicularly polarized in relation to the LCD’s polarization. In this rare case, the operator has to work without sunglasses or find different sunglasses that do not have this characteristic, in order to avoid having the visibility of the display impaired.

The LCD contains an automatic temperature compensation that will adjust the LCD’s contrast according to the surrounding temperature.

The Console has 3 Functions:

  • Inputs by the crane operator (operating configuration, reeving, and calibration)
  • Input of geometry limit values and signalization of exceeded limit values
  • Display of important data and information


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