Greer – MG586 Display Unit


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
Gear Parts

A450604, A450609

Greer Part # A450604 (Terex # 400-16119)

Greer Part # A450609 (Broderson Part # 813-00029 )

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    • The RCI-510 features FASTCAL, our exclusive technology that delivers the industry’s fastest calibration time
    • Automatically transmits rated capacity, actual load, a percent of rated capacity, load radius, boom angle, boom length, and crane configuration data to an easy-to-read digital display
    • Visual and audible alarms to alert operators of potential overloading
    • Backlit digital display
    • Continuous display of crane geometry in all lighting conditions, and offers multiple language options, easy-to-understand graphics, and quick set-up
    • IP65 rated enclosures, ideal for boom-truck applications

Only MicroGuard® Rated Capacity Indicators by Greer Company deliver the industry’s most reliable electronic monitoring technology to help crane operators avoid overloading events and unseen obstacles that can bring your operation to a grinding halt.

MicroGuard RCIs continuously monitor crane operation and provide the vital data operators need to maximize crane work capacity while alerting them to potential overloading conditions.

MicroGuard’s systems are calibrated to your crane’s load chart using FASTCAL™ — Greer’s proprietary technology that ensures lightning-fast installation and calibration time that’s measured in hours, not days. What’s more, MicroGuard is engineered for predictable performance, no matter what the weather.

Reliable technology. Fast calibration. Easy operation. It’s no wonder U.S. crane manufacturers put their trust in MicroGuard Rated Capacity Indicators.


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