WIKA Mobile Control Systems for Mobile Cranes


qSCALE Maestro

The Hirschmann Maestro is an economical upgrade solution for many of the existing PAT Krueger load moment indicators that are currently in the field and in need

Mentor QVGA Console

The iVisor mentor QVGA LMI provides an effective system solution that meets the demanding requirements of the crane operators and lift supervisors for mobile cr

DS350 upgrade

The original DS350 Graphic Modular console by PAT is now obsolete and no longer available or serviceable. SkyAzúl offers a console replacement kit available fo

Hirschmann Belden PRS90

The PRS 90 is a wireless indicating system for mobile cranes. The systems flexible design allows for the monitoring single or multiple sensor inputs. The sensor

Hirschmann Belden Qscale i2

The Belden qSCALE I2 is an effective management solution for load moment devices that also meets the current and future application needs of mobile cranes. The

PAT iFlex5

Take full control of the future with iFLEX5 from PAT. The mobile controls from the iFLEX E (Extended Class) series are programmable controls which combine the p