Sigalarm™ – Wireless Power Line Proximity Warning System
Sigalarm™ – Wireless Power Line Proximity Warning System

Power lines have always been a hazard to personnel operating or working around equipment with booms or extensions that have the capability of reaching power lines. While contact with overhead high-voltage lines represents only 5% of total electrical accidents, it is responsible for approximately 45% of the fatalities. Most of these accidents could have been avoided by the proper installation and use of a high-voltage proximity warning system such as SIGALARM. In fact, during the past twenty-five years there has never been a single injury or accident involving equipment equipped with a SIGALARM that is installed and adjusted properly.

  • System goes to maximum sensitivity when first activated.
  • The system can be activated automatically at engine start-up, or by use of the power switch on the control panel.
  • Entire length of the boom --- from tip to base --- is protected. Any part of the boom that enters the warning zone will set off the alarm.
  • Complete system test function tests and confirms the alarm sensing circuitry, antenna, alarm horn, and alarm light. The operator can test the entire system anytime he desires.
  • No false alarms due to external interference.
  • Provides warning of lightening so that operations can be discontinued until the electrical storm has passed.
  • Simple adjustment of warning zone. The operator doesn't need to know voltage in the power line. The system can be used to confirm power line shut off.
  • Easy installation.

Sigalarm Panel layout

Sigalarm Proximity Warning System Console layout
  • 2.1   Hold to Test Push Button
  • 2.2   Power Light and System Condition Indicator
  • 2.3   Sensitivity Reset Button
  • 2.4   Red Alarm Light
  • 2.5   Coarse Control
  • 2.6   Fine Control
  • 2.7   Internal Horn
  • 2.8   Antenna Sensor Cable Input Jack
  • 2.9   Power Input / External Horn Cable & Auto Shutdown Output

Field-Tested Quality—Proven Safety

SIGALARM is a solid state electronic safety system used for detecting the electrostatic field of any AC power line. It provides both audible and visual warning signals to alert the operator and attendant ground personnel when the boom comes within proximity of an energized high-voltage power line. For years, bare, non-insulated, high-voltage power distribution and transmission lines have created a hazard to users of cranes and other equipment that can reach and touch them. Such power lines are not easily observed by the equipment operator and supporting work crews because:
  • Attention is directed or diverted to the other activities
  • The power lines are above the operating personnel and outside normal functional range of vision.
  • Visual judgment of clearance between raised booms of hoist lines and power lines is subject to error
  • The power lines may be camouflaged

Virtually all fatal electrocutions are the result of equipment being unintentionally brought into contact with the power lines. These occurrences can be reduced dramatically by using SIGALARM's proximity alarm systems. A SIGALARM system is an "electronic eye" that serves as a backup operational aid.

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