lwg511/03 cable reel

Link Belt # N4L004

LWG511/03 Cable Reel:

The cable reel houses the length-angle transducer, slip ring disc and slip ring pick up (to feed and return A-2-B signal). The A2B cable goes through the drum and out to the tip where it is wired to the Anti-Two-Block switch. The reel is driven by a tensioned, tempered steel spring.

The Length-Angle Transducer:

The length-angle sensor (LWG) is a combination of two transducers in cable reel, fitted at the base section of the boom. It measures the length and the angle of the boom. A reeling drum drives a potentiometer, which is the length transducer. Part of the length transducer is the length cable on the drum. It is connected to the anti-two-block switch at the boom head and to a slip ring body in the LWG. The angle transducer is fitted in the cable reel.

LWG511/03 Additional Information:

  • Telescopic boom lengths up to 150 feet
  • Sensor Output signals via CAN BUS
  • The power supply voltage is +12/24 vdc
  • Exact measurement of boom length and boom angle

Typically used with the LinkBelt Pulse LMI systems, this cable reel assembly includes CAN BUS boom angle and length sensors.



WIKA P/N: 060995 - Cable Reel Assy, LWG 5111/03
Link Belt P/N: N4L004


LWG511/03 Part List:

1 3L 0726 064-360-061-556 1 Sensor, Angle, WGC360/1556
2 3L 0727 068-000-100-220 1 Board, Analog Converter
3 3L 0739 068-000-100-178 1 Cable Reel Housing, W/Drum and Springs
4 3L 0759 000-214-340-013 1 Hole Plug, PG13.5
5 3L 0730 060992 1 Connector, M23/12, Field Attachable
6 3L 0729 536324 1 Connector, M12, Male W/Cable
7 3L 0700 068-000-110-038 1 Gear Wheel W/Friction Clutch, T=75
8 3L 0740 067-000-100-203 1 Sensor, Length Pot
9 3L 0734 068-000-300-072 1 Board, Length/Angle Connection, 0072
10 3L 0735 068-000-300-122 1 Length Sensing Board, 0122
11 3L 0695 068-000-100-078 1 Kit, 7 Conductor Slip Ring
12 3L 0758 000-673-060-014 145 ft Sensor, Length Cable, 6 Conductor (Sold By the Foot)
13 3L 0736 068-000-100-197 1 Cover W/Gasket

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