Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

PAT/HIRSCHMANN/WIKA # 024-350-300-281   
Manitowoc # 9333101593

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Additional Information:

The 024-350-300-081 PAT Main Board is the most common main board found on current PAT Hirschmann LMI systems.

The 024-350-300-281 part number is a direct replacement of the previous 024-350-300-081 Main Board. The customer need only remove the crane specific software eprom from the -081 board and gently reinstall into the -281 board.

Inside the central unit there is one board. The main board and the terminal board are two separate boards connected by a pair of ribbon cables. Power and are also connected from the terminal board to the main board. The wires from the various components are connected to the terminal board. The main board is the heart of the system. It contains the main computer and the necessary electronics to receive, evaluate, process and direct the continuous data.