Greer Microguard 586 Rated Capacity Indicator

Greer Microguard 586, Greer MG586
Only MicroGuard® Rated Capacity Indicators by Greer Company deliver the industry’s most reliable electronic monitoring technology to help crane operators avoid overloading events and unseen obstacles that can bring your operation to a grinding halt. MicroGuard RCIs continuously monitor crane operation and provide the vital data operators need to maximize crane work capacity while alerting them to potential overloading conditions. MicroGuard’s systems are calibrated to your crane’s load chart using FASTCAL™ — Greer’s proprietary technology that ensures lightning-fast installation and calibration time that’s measured in hours, not days. What’s more, MicroGuard is engineered for predictable performance, no matter what the weather.

Reliable technology. Fast calibration. Easy operation.

Microguard 586 Features:
    • Compact space efficient design.
    • User friendly displays.
    • FastCal Plug and play options.
    • Small foot print perfect for "boom truck" installations.
    • Continuously displays load, percentage of rated capacity, radius, length and angle in all lighting conditions.
    • Crane can be calibrated in hours instead of days.
    • Piggyback BA591 boom angle display can be added to comply with Cal/OSHA.
The Greer Microguard 586 is currently installed as original factory equipment on Terex Boom Truck Cranes in the USA.

MG 586 layout terex-logo
Greer Part # Terex # Description
A450604 400-16119 Display MG 586
A450856 400-16112 MG500R LMI/PCU 5C* & 2FF-ORS-4
A047526 666-10002 Console Cable
A250035 861-90434 ATB SWITCH ASSY w/conn 6way
A251005 717-0882 Counterweight & Chain
S240631 861-90386 Reeling Drum Assy 90 ft EXT
S240606 861-90393 Length Cable
S240611 216657 Cable Tail Assy
P010114 216552 Length Potentionmeter 5k
P010103 216946 Angle Sensor Pot.Novotechnic
S240602 666-10005 Slip Ring Assembly
S240631 666-10008 Base Plate Assy 4:1 gear w/ senors
S240501 666-10018 Swingaway Arm w/ clutch
1-0011642.00 708 0271 Receptacle 6 Pin Assy
1-0011641.00 708 0272 Plug 6 Pin Assy
031-300-101-018 707A4669 Roller Guide

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