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Greer Part # A450534 (Link-Belt # J9L027)

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MicroGuard MG534:

The MicroGuard 534 (MG534) system monitors crane functions by means of high accuracy sensors. It also continuously compares the current load with a copy of the crane capacity chart  stored in the computer memory.  If an overload is approached, the system will warn the operator by using both audible and visual alarms and is configured to cause function limitation.

The MG534 Rated Capacity Limiter provides the operator with a continuous display of:
  • Rated Capacity
  • Actual Load
  • Percentage of Rated Capacity
  • Radius of the Load
  • Angle of the Main Boom
  • Crane Configuration
  • Length of the Main Boom

An additional feature of the MG534 system is the ability for the operator to set alarms.  These alarms, when properly set, provide a method of obstacle avoidance.  This is achieved by means of maximum boom angle, maxi-mum load radius, maximum boom head height, left and right swing, and defined area alarms.  The user is able to program these alarms for each job site and set them  rapidly for the prevailing site conditions thereby aiding the operator in safe operation of the crane.


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