Greer A450829 – MG534 Series Computer for LinkBelt Cranes


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in

Greer Part# A450829

LinkBelt Part# J6L0001

LinkBelt Part# J9L0011

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*SkyAzúl will install the crane specific software at no charge; if the crane load charge number is provided.

A450829 Computer Unit Overview:

The computer unit is the core of the system. The computer unit provides all the necessary functions to read the sensors, control computations, disconnect functions, and communicate with the display console/internal load indicator.

The computer unit directly connects to the crane wiring harness via a 60-way bulkhead connector. There are no wiring connections or screw terminals within the unit.

Contained within the unit, are the two hydraulic pressure transducers required to sense pressure within the boom hoist cylinder. These sensors and the computer are factory pre-calibrated and, as such, may not be separately replaced in the field.

MicroGuard Options:
  • MicroGurad RCIs feature FastCal; exclusive technology that delivers the industry’s fastest calibration time
  • Datalogger
  • CANBus Capable