Sigalarm Wireless High Voltage Power Line Proximity Warning System

Sigalarm Wireless Power Line

Power lines have always been a hazard to personnel operating or working around equipment with booms or extensions that have the capability of reaching power lines. While contact with overhead high-voltage lines represents only 5% of total electrical accidents, it is responsible for approximately 45% of the fatalities. Most of these accidents could have been avoided by the proper installation and use of a high-voltage proximity warning system such as SIGALARM. In fact, during the past twenty-five years there has never been a single injury or accident involving equipment equipped with a SIGALARM that is installed and adjusted properly.

    • System goes to maximum sensitivity when first activated.
    • The system can be activated automatically at engine start-up, or by use of the power switch on the control panel.
    • Entire length of the boom --- from tip to base --- is protected. Any part of the boom that enters the warning zone will set off the alarm.
    • Complete system test function tests and confirms the alarm sensing circuitry, antenna, alarm horn, and alarm light. The operator can test the entire system anytime he desires.
    • No false alarms due to external interference.
    • Provides warning of lightening so that operations can be discontinued until the electrical storm has passed.
    • Simple adjustment of warning zone. The operator doesn't need to know voltage in the power line. The system can be used to confirm power line shut off.
    • Easy installation