PAT iFlex5

PAT iFlex5

Take full control of the future with iFLEX 5 from PAT. The mobile controls from the iFLEX E (Extended Class) series are programmable controls which combine the performance of a highly integrated 32-bit microprocessor technology with compact design. Moreover, they are designed for use in rough environments, including extreme operating temperatures. The design of the plugs and housing have a protection class rating of up to IP67, EMC durability, and are shake-proof. In addition to the high level of performance, due to the 32-bit microprocessor technology, the iFLEX E controls permit a large number of inputs and outputs for digital and analog signals which enable processing functions in the sensors and actuators. The inputs and outputs can be individually configured and customized to suit the application. Proportional valves can be run directly through PWM outputs with internal current measurement without an additional amplifier. The integrated CAN bus interfaces enable the integration of intelligent sensors and actuators with CANopen. Several iFLEX E2 control units can also be linked to create a powerful decentralized network.

In addition, the iFLEX E2 unit supports engine data communication as specified by SAE J1939. The iFLEX E2 mobile control unit also features internal interfaces for extension modules allowing up to 8 extra inputs and 4 outputs. The iFLEX E2 can be customized to suit your requirements at any time. Recording and permanent storage of process data is no problem – the iFLEX E series has a real-time clock and a 256 kB RAM with battery back-up. For simple fault diagnostic, the iFLEX E2 has a 7-segment display which can be viewed from the outside. Two interfaces are provided: An RS232 service interface and an Ethernet 10Base-T interface with industrial Ethernet M12 plug connector for programming. For more complex applications, the iFLEX E5 offers over 100 inputs and outputs. The iFLEX E series application software can be developed in the high-level language “C” or with a PLC programming system in accordance with IEC 61131-3.

    • By measuring the true load moment the PAT iFlex5 LMI senses boom dynamics, load swingout, wind loading, shock load and the effects of boom deflection. Load moment is measured in lattice boom cranes with a force transducer in the boom pendants, and in telescopic boom cranes with pressure transducers in the lift cylinders.
    • Graphic LCD Display and a super-twisted LCD-backlit for night operation, gives operators a clear and easy view from all angles.
    • Analog Indication of relative load moment information, it provides a quick, convenient way for operators to see where they are in the load chart.
    • Anti-Two-Block: A special hoist limit switch sounds an alarm and flashes a visual warning of an impending two-block condition.
    • Function Control Lever Lockout: When the LMI System senses an overload or an impending two-block condition, the DS-350GM provides a relay output which can be used to engage an optional lever lockout system to override hoist "up" telescope "out" and boom "down."

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Hirschmann # Manitowoc # Description
068-508-060-001 9333103873 LWG508, LENGTH/ANGLE SENSOR
067-152-060-056 9333103913 LWG152 CABLE REEL
068-000-300-103 9333103896 TERMINAL BOARD CanBus w/length & Angle
067-000-300-012 9333103897 LENGTH POTENTIOMETER LWG508
064-143-060-009 9333103898 SENSOR, ANGLE WG143/09
000-673-020-002 9333102382 CABLE, LENGTH SENSOR, 1 CORE W/SHIELD (139 FT)
092-000-060-387 9333103906 Connector 5 pole w/wires
068-000-100-152 9333103376 CABLE REEL HOUSING KT200
031-002-060-011 9333102230 ANTI-TWO BLOCK SWITCH, MAIN BOOM
068-208-060-014 9333102238 ANTI-TWO BLOCK SWITCH, JIB
044-314-060-014 9333103870 PRESSURE TRANSDUCER BLOCK
021-020-060-103 9333103866 CPU MODULE Iflex5
050-350-061-356 9333103868 CONSOLE, iFLEX VERTICAL
050-350-061-376 9333103867 CONSOLE, iFLEX HORIZ
050-000-060-042 9333102339 LIGHT BAR ASSEMBLY
031-010-100-556 9333103988 Wiring Harness Boom Control
031-010-100-549 9333103869 WIRING HARNESS STD
000-673-030-022 9333103775 Length Sensor Cable 3 core 87ft
050-000-060-001 9333101654 KEY, A2B CONSOLE & CU. SWITCH
068-000-110-107 9333103697 SLIPRING, 2 CONDUCTOR
031-010-101-007 9333103872 CABLE ASSEMBLY 11M
031-673-080-025 9333103773 Length Sensor Cable 11 core 176ft

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