MG540 Rated Capacity Indicator

Greer MG 540 Console

The system monitors crane functions by means of high accuracy sensors and continuously compares the load with a copy of the crane capacity chart which is stored in the computer memory. If an overload is approached, the system warns by means of audible and visual alarms and is configured to cause function limitation. An additional feature of the system is the provision of operator settable alarms. These alarms, when properly set, provide a method of obstacle avoidance. This is achieved by means of maximum boom angle, maximum load radius, maximum boom head height, left and right swing, and defined area alarms. These alarms can be programmed for each job site and set rapidly for the prevailing site conditions thereby aiding the operator in safe operation of the crane.

    • Rated capacity
    • Actual load
    • Percentage of rated capacity
    • Radius of the load
    • Angle of the main boom
    • Crane configuration
    • Length of the main boom
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Greer Part # Link-Belt # Description
A450160 N3L0003 MG540 Display
A450162 N3L0011 MG540 Display
A450275 N3L0012 MG540 Display new
A444303 N3L0009 MG540 Bargraph
A450826 N3L0001 MG500 Series Computer w/CanBus
S450161 N4P65131 CF Card MG540
E8L0014 A250028 A2B Switch Jib
E8L0043 A250029 A2B Switch with lockout hole & Flag
A251005 F9L0005 Counterweight & chain
A240651 N3L0002 Reeling Drum CanBus
A048073-130 3L0149 Length Cable
3L0432 S047710 Cable Assembly Reeling Drum MS Connector
S240611 3L0493 Cable Tail Assy
P010114 3L0007 Length Potentiometer 5K
P010103 3L0368 Angle Sensor Pot. Novotechnic
A220100 C5L0024 Swing Potentiometer
S240602 3L0491 Slip Ring Assembly
S240601 3L0492 Base Plate Assy Complete w/ sensors

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