GREER INSIGHT Rated Capacity Indicator for Boom Trucks and Small Cranes

Greer Insight

The Greer Insight™ is the industry’s only monitoring display designed specifically for boom trucks. The Insight offers the featurerich capabilities and high-resolution VGA graphics to help operators work safer and smarter. The Insight offers multiple screens with a simple, intuitive display design and customizable configurability for quick start-up and easy use. Operators enjoy an 8-button display to map for applications, and fingertip access to work area definition (WAD), crane configuration, diagnostics, gauge readings, and other critical data from crane sensors.


• VGA Graphics Display for sharper and clearer images.
• Attractive 4.4 inch screen with intuitive touch pad operator input.
• Multiple Screens to view WAD, crane configuration, diagnostics, gauge readings and other sensor data.
• Customizable configuration with minimal keystrokes.
• Multiple language menu with capability of additional languages.
• CANJ1939 & CANopen enabled.
• Visual and Audible alarms.
• Entire Console is IP67 waterproof.

Insight Layoutterex-logo
A450451 T117745 Greer Insight Display
A450858 T118006 MG500R LMI/PCU 5C* & 2FF-ORS-4
S047557 666-10002 Console Cable
A250035 861-90434 ATB SWITCH ASSY w/ conn 6way
A251005 717 0882 Counterweight & chain
A240631 861-90386 Reeling Drum Assy 90 ft EXT
S240606 861-90393 Length Cable
S240611 216657 Cable Tail Assy
P010114 216652 Length Potentiometer 5K
P010103 216946 Angle Sensor Pot. Novotechnic
S240602 666-10005 Slip Ring Assembly
S240631 666-10008 Base Plate Assy 4:1 gear w/ sensors
S240501 666-10018 Swingaway Arm w/clutch
1-0011642.00 708 0271 Receptacle 6 Pin Assy
1-0011641.00 708 0272 Plug 6 pin Assy
031-300-101-018 707A4669 Roller Guide

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